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White Bounce House Fort Worth

Are your bounce houses cleaned?

For the safety and protection of our guests we clean and sanitize all of our bounce houses between each use. If you have a specific concern please let us know. 

Whats Your Cancellation Policy

Texas.. the only place where its 90 degrees one day and 30 and snowing the next.. but seriously. All deposits are non-refundable and will be held for a future booking. 

Inflatable must be deflated if sustained winds are above 25MPH. For the safety of your children we are unable to set up in extreme wind conditions. 

Are you insured? 

We are! It is illegal to operate and rent inflatables without proper insurance in the State of Texas 

Why Modern Party Co. Rentals?

Our owner has years of experience in the sports and entertainment industry. She believes in delivering a first class experience to all of our guests and taking the time to listen to their wants and needs. 

Can We Put the Bounce House In a field or Park

Our Bounce houses love to travel! We require our bounce houses to be within 100 feet of electrical capabilities otherwise a generator would be needed and the responsibility of the renter. 

Is a Deposit required to Secure?

Yes! We are unable to hold your event date without a 50% deposit. Once the deposit is paid you will receive email confirmation and your date will be secure. Final payment is due a week prior to your event; we will send you a request for the final balance by the Monday prior to your event. 

Can we add Balloons or other items to our bounce house

Absolutely!  Nothing says Instagram worthy like adding Balloon Garlands to your bounce house . We only allow vinyl to be installed if purchased through our preferred vendor Dizzy With Excitement. Vinyl can permanently damage bounce houses. 

We just ask that everything is removed prior to pickup. Ask us for vendor referrals! 

The Bubble 

The safety of your little ones is very important to us. Therefore we are unable to set up the bubble outside in temps in excess of 85 degrees. Should you book the bubble and the temps are higher that the limit we would switch you to a bounce house. 


We do not provide garden hoses for the waterslides. Each client is responsible for providing their own garden hose. Regular hoses only not the shrinking kind. 

Oh No! Party Foul! 

Each rental includes a full clean and sanitation after each use to ensure it is in prime condition for the next party. Should you pull the ultimate party foul and return our rental to with excessive dirt/paint/party décor or any prohibited items you will be charged a $300 cleaning fee. 

How many people can bounce at one time?

For our Classic 16x16 White Castle, we recommend no more than 7-8 people at one time. For all of our other standard 13x13 bouncers we recommend no more than 5-6 people

House Rules

1. No Shoes

2. No Food or Drink

3. Adult Supervision Required 

4. Bounce House must remain dry 

5. No Face Paint, Glitter, Slime, Confetti, Silly String or Mess Prone Activities

6. No Horseplay

7. Sorry Fido.. No Pets. 

8. Have Fun! 

9. No throwing of balls from ball pit or removing ball pit balls 

10. No Horseplay ( Including Climbing On The Top of the bounce house and climbing on the sides).

11. Inflatable must be deflated if winds are in excess of 25MPH.

12. No Glasses, Jewelry and other hard of sharp objects prior to entering the inflatable

13. Removing of Stakes, Anchors and Sand Bags by client is prohibited.  

14. . Rental with a bubble truck is prohibited IF the bubble truck also has DYE in the bubbles. 

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